Jesse Watters visited the 2015 Coney Island Hot Rod and Tattoo Festival to ask people about their body art. How does it affect how they are perceived? What are the advantages or disadvantages? Why does a gentleman have 'DROP DEAD' tattooed on his hands?

Watch the hilarious Watters' World clip above and see some of the highlights below.

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What's your name?


"I'm Watters."

I don't think we're the same species.

"I concur."

Tell me the most significant tattoo you have on you.

"Nothing on me means anything."

"That's deep."

What do you have on your hands?

"'Drop Dead.' It was my mom's idea."

"The ones on your scalp, what motivated you there?"


What are the benefits to your look?

"Scaring old ladies."

Do you see any downside to changing your body?

"A lot of people like to discriminate, but I believe it's become something of a civil rights issue."

"You're the Rosa Parks of sideshows."

Do you get asked to babysit a lot?

"No, not at all, man. People keep me away from their kids." 

What do you think about Hillary's economic policy?


Watch the outrageous Watters' World clip above.

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