After Hillary Clinton's supporters posted suspiciously identical tweets about her "Meet The Press" interview, some are questioning if the Clinton campaign and a pro-Clinton Super PAC coordinated their talking points regarding her private email scandal.

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Political campaigns are barred from directly coordinating with Super PAC’s under Federal Election Commission law.

James Rosen reported on "The Kelly File" that Karen Finney, a senior adviser to the Clinton campaign, and Brad Woodhouse, head of the Super PAC Correct the Record, tweeted identical messages within minutes of each other on Monday, following Clinton's appearance on "Meet The Press."

Rosen said that Woodhouse told him in an email that they are allowed to coordinate, and there is no issue.

"Correct the Record claims federal regulation against coordination between campaigns and Super PACs do not cover activity where no money changes hands," Rosen said. "This, Woodhouse told me, is Campaign 101."

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