In his Talking Points Memo tonight, Bill O'Reilly sounded off on the divided Republican Party.

He said that the chaos in the GOP is the reason why House Speaker John Boehner resigned and anti-establishment presidential candidates like Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson are dominating in the polls.

"Traditional Americans are watching America evaporate before their eyes," O'Reilly said. "The economy is terrible, now Wall Street is falling apart and median income for working Americans has fallen on President Obama's watch. Overseas, what can you say, except American foreign policy is a debacle on most every front."

He added that Trump and Carson have correctly identified the failures of Obama and the left, which is resonating with the American people.

O'Reilly said that it is the job of Republican leadership to persuade the majority of Americans to do the right thing.

"Sometimes that means pounding the table, and perhaps imitating Trump, who has mastered the art of the outrage."

Watch the full Talking Points Memo above.

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