A Texas waitress was surprised to receive a generous tip from a sheriff's deputy after she paid for his meal.

When Tammy Yawn, a waitress at PK’s Grill in Orange, Tex., decided to cover an Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy Dustin Bock and his family’s meal last week, she wasn’t expecting anything in return.

After finding out his bill had been paid for, the deputy told Yawn he had “a bone to pick” with her. Yawn assured him she just cares about police officers and doesn’t think they get paid nearly enough.

Yawn walked away and a couple minutes later was handed the $100 tip by another waitress, courtesy of the deputy.

Yawn said on "Fox and Friends Weekend" that there has been so much negative attention surrounding police, not to mention multiple high-profile targeted attacks. When she saw Bock, his mother and his two little girls sitting at the restaurant, she decided to show her support for law enforcement.

"They're real people, just like we are, normal people," Yawn explained. "I just felt in my heart I wanted to do something nice for them, because I feel for them."

Bock said when he was informed that his bill had been paid for, he was trying to figure out who did it.

"I didn't think it would be my waitress," he said. "I wanted to be sure that not only did she get back what she gave to me, but get what she was due."

Yawn said that not only was she moved by Bock's incredibly generous tip, she received a touching call from his mother ten minutes after they left the restaurant.

"She was so sweet, thanking me for what I had done," Yawn said. 

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