Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz spoke to Tucker Carlson on "Fox and Friends Weekend" about John Boehner's resignation as Speaker of the House.

Cruz said that he hopes the next Speaker of the House is a strong conservative who will honor the commitments the Republican Party made to the American people.

"The reason people are so frustrated out of their minds with Washington is as conservatives, we keep winning elections. And the people who we elect don't do what they said they would do," Cruz said. "I hope this very much serves as a wake-up call to House leadership that the promises we make on Election Day, we need to follow through once we're in office."

"What it has to do with is the leadership in both chambers. If John Boehner or Mitch McConnell would stand up and lead, would defend the conservative principles we were elected to defend, I would be the first person to celebrate them, to praise them."

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