Why is House Speaker John Boehner leaving Congress

The Ohio Republican told his fellow lawmakers earlier today that he'll be handing over the gavel at the end of October. 

When reporters caught up with him this morning, Boehner only remarked that "it's a wonderful day," but declined to speak at length. 

Many are now asking why Boehner is choosing this particular moment to make his exit. David Drucker, Washington Examiner senior Congressional correspondent, weighed in on the subject on "Happening Now."

He said he believes Boehner has "had enough" after a long career and a lot of "fights" in recent years. 

"He looked at the fight he was going to have to go through possibly to keep his gavel. I just don't think he wanted to have the fight. ... I don't think the energy and the verve was there anymore for him to battle," said Drucker, adding that Boehner probably doesn't think a fight over the Speaker's gavel is good for House Republicans right now. 

Drucker said he's surprised that the announcement came this morning, but that Boehner's exit is not surprising. 

Drucker said there was a "restlessness" among Republicans after Boehner's more than eight years as the ranking member. 

He added that, according to his sources, many of Boehner's supporters in the House felt he wasn't fighting back hard enough against "insurgent" right-wing members. 

Watch his full analysis above.