A Texas mother is suing a daycare center, claiming her 4-year-old son was forced by a teacher to fight other children. 

Heather Howerton said her son came home with injuries and she eventually discovered a video on social media that appeared to show what had occurred.

KHOU-TV reported:

One day in December 2014, she got answers after the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services called her about a video of her son fighting another child that was posted on social media.

"Once he falls to the ground, he looks at the camera and he looks at his teacher for help and she says, 'Get up, Grayson, get up and fight,'" said Howerton.

After watching the video, she said she realized the teachers were encouraging the children to hurt each other.

"I was livid. To think that somebody could be so sick and sadistic to film little kids. These little boys are 4-years-old. They're babies," said Howerton.

Howerton's lawyer said state regulators have issued five violations to the Children's Universe of Lake Conroe daycare facility. 

The day care owner says police investigated after she notified them of the incident and that the case was closed. She said the employee in question was terminated for unrelated reasons before the report was made.

A similar case was just reported out of New Jersey, where prosecutors accused two day care workers of running a “fight club” for kids between the ages of 4 and 6 years old.

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