A school district in Washington state no longer allows students to play tag on the playground, in an effort to protect kids' "physical and emotional safety." 

According to Q13 FOX, the new rule has some parents upset. They argue that the schools are going too far, and dispute that there is any risk involved with the game. 

One mother, who created a Facebook page to call attention to the ban, says that it's healthy for kids to play spontaneously and that tag is also good exercise.

The school district said in a statement:

The Mercer Island School District and school teams have recently revisited expectations for student behavior to address student safety. This means while at play, especially during recess and unstructured time, students are expected to keep their hands to themselves. The rationale behind this is to ensure the physical and emotional safety of all students.

School staffs are working with students in the classroom to ensure that there are many alternative games available at recess and during unsupervised play, so that our kids can still have fun, be with their friends, move their bodies and give their brains a break.

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