Jesse Watters asked New Yorkers about Pope Francis' visit to the Big Apple and what they know about His Holiness. Some of the answers were most definitely not infallible.

Watch the hilarious Watters' World clip above and see some of the highlights below.

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Are you excited about the pope's visit?

"I think that something big is going to happen here."

"Like a swarm of locusts?"

Take a wild guess: What's the pope's name?


What's the pope's name?


"It's not Pope Jesus!"

What country is the pope from?

"He's traveling all over the world. I don't think he has a place to live."

"The pope's homeless? Well, then de Blasio's going to love him here."

Is your hair a sin?

"Hell no."

"A fashion sin?"


Watters engaged in a "conversion-off" with a Hindu gentleman:

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