(Photo credit: Facebook)

Mere days after Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will test a dislike button, scams are already making the rounds.

HackRead warns users about clicking on headlines along the lines of "Get the newly introduced Facebook dislike button on your profile."​

This is a scam that tricks users into liking a page and sharing the link with their friends.

Once the links are successfully spread on a user's Facebook, the scam campaign will then ask them to fill out intrusive surveys in an attempt to gather their personal information and account credentials. Those would then be used to spam the user and their contacts via email.

Clicking on the scam might also install malware, such a viruses, worms and other intrusive software.

The bottom line is: Don't believe anything that claims it gives early access to the new dislike button. When the feature is released, Facebook will announce it.

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