Republican presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio joined Bill O'Reilly on "The Factor" tonight to react to DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz's demand that he cancel a fundraiser at the home of Harlan Crow.

Wasserman Schultz's objection was that Crow's collection of historic artifacts includes Nazi art objects.

"It is astounding that the presence of these items that represent horror for millions of Jews the world over would not stop Mr. Rubio or anyone on his team in their tracks when planning this event," Wasserman Schultz said on Tuesday. "There’s really no excuse for such a gross act of disrespect. Mr. Rubio, who by the way, represents a sizable Jewish population in our home state of Florida, should cancel this tasteless fundraiser."

Rubio told O'Reilly that he wasn't surprised by Wasserman Schultz's comments, since he's witnessed her "political extremism" in Florida for years.

"It is a despicable attack, and you know what the evidence of that is? Even liberal media outlets have criticized her for doing that," Rubio said. "I think it also is indicative of the levels of desperation that have now entered the Democratic Party."

He pointed to Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton's plummeting poll numbers and ongoing investigation surrounding her private email server.

"I think this is a further sign of that sort of desperation that they're now facing, panic really."

Watch the "Factor" interview above.

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