Warning: the video above contains disturbing images.

Dana Loesch appeared on "The Kelly File" tonight to react to a powerful anti-Planned Parenthood video Carly Fiorina released.

Loesch said Fiorina's disturbing video is just one illustration of the horrifying, graphic content found in the undercover videos released by the Center for Medical Progress.

"I'm glad that her attention to it is finally bringing it up for a national discussion in mainstream media," Loesch said.

She explained that if you remove the politics involved in the abortion debate, you can see that Planned Parenthood clinics offer a fraction of the services that community health centers offer, while also engaging in possibly felonious activity.

"You have to show people this is the horror that is taking place. This is really happening right now in the United States of America," Loesch said. "And we have to show it so that people know what we're talking about. So, we can't hide away and act like it's just a policy discussion."

Watch more above and see Fiorina's powerful ad below.

(WARNING: Graphic content)

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