Is this a legitimate complaint or political correctness run amok? You decide.

Syracuse University may nix the popular "kiss cam" at sporting events after a fan argued that it promotes attacks against women. 

Following a recent football game at the Carrier Dome, Steve Port wrote a letter to the editor that has since made national headlines.

He wrote in the local paper that twice during the game, he witnessed a male student forcibly kiss a female student on the giant screen when it was apparent that she was unwilling to do so.

"This is completely unacceptable behavior by the male students, the surrounding students and the crowd," he wrote.

"It makes me sick that in a day and age where sexual assault (particularly on college campuses) is so rampant that school officials would allow such a display to happen. The instances I witnessed at the game encourage and condone sexual assault and a sense of male entitlement, at best. And they are an actual instance of assault, at worst."

The kiss cam did not appear during last Saturday's home game against Central Michigan University. The university said it's "taking the time to assess the concerns" outlined in the letter.

Former president Jimmy Carter just made news last when he smooched his wife, Rosalynn, on the Atlanta Braves' kiss cam. 

Also, the New York Mets recently apologized and said they would stop showing two opposing players on its kiss cam following complaints that it could be offensive to gay people.

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