Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, who was jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, joined Megyn Kelly for a cable news exclusive interview on "The Kelly File" tonight.

Since her release from jail, Davis said she is receiving support and encouragement, but also hate mail.

"I guess it just depends what side of the argument you're on as to whether you treat me good or you treat me bad, or if you think I'm a villain or if you think I'm just someone that God is using," Davis said.

She said she weighed the cost of her decision not to issue the licenses. Even though she knew it could result in jail time, she refused to violate her faith.

"It's never been a gay or lesbian issue for me," Davis said. "It has been about upholding the word of God and how God defined marriage from the very beginning of time."

Megyn asked Davis why she didn't just resign when the legal challenges wound up not going in her favor.

"If I resign, I lose my voice," Davis said. "Why should I have to quit a job that I love and that I’m good at?"

Watch part one of the cable news exclusive interview above.

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