An "incredibly lucky" dog was apparently uninjured after running away from its owner and slipping 600 feet down a California hiking trail.

The dog was hiking with his owner, Francine Banzali, on the Sam Merrill Trail in the San Gabriel Mountains when he slipped and fell.

"I was running down a hill and my dog was right with me and he just disappeared," Banzali told Fox 11.

Three search-and-rescue teams were deployed to the side of the cliff to rescue "Angel," a white German shepherd mix.

Sheriff’s Department Deputy Dan Paige said it took about two hours to locate the pooch.

Crews used 700 feet of rope to lower rescuers down to the animal, which was stopped on a small outcropping.

Angel was then placed into a specially designed dog harness, allowing rescuers to lower themselves and the dog to the canyon bottom.

Banzali was waiting at the entrance to the trail, ecstatic to be reunited with her dog.

Paige called the animal "incredibly lucky" to survive the incident unscathed outside of a small scratch on his nose.

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