The controversy surrounding Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis started when her refusal to issue a marriage license to a gay couple was caught on camera.

That couple, David Moore and Dave Ermold, joined Megyn Kelly on "The Kelly File" tonight.

Ermold said that he found Davis' demeanor to be quite nasty that day, which he didn't expect.

He said the whole experience was humiliating, but he was most offended when Davis said that they "would have to be held accountable."

"I didn't go to the county clerk's office for a lecture on religion," Ermold said. "I went there for a marriage license."

Moore said he didn't want to see Davis sentenced to jail, but he doesn't know what other action should have been taken.

"She still has the right to her religious beliefs, just like we have the rights to our religious beliefs," Moore said. "It's when you try to impose those beliefs on other people, that's when there's an issue."

He added that he doesn't believe Davis should receive an accommodation, he just wants her to do her job or let someone else do it.

Watch more above.

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