Tonight, Bill O'Reilly discussed Pope Francis, President Obama and protecting the helpless in what he described as one of the most important Talking Points Memos he's written in 19 years.

O'Reilly quoted the pope's comments to Obama at the White House today, pointing out that he took a shot at the president and his belief that Americans should be forced to fund abortions and perform services against their religious beliefs.

"The Factor" host noted that the pope also challenged all Americans to help the downtrodden. O'Reilly agreed with that sentiment, but stated that we must be careful not to make problems worse in the name of compassion.

He pointed to ObamaCare as an example of an entitlement program with good intentions that has actually hurt Americans by making it more difficult on businesses and stifling job creation.

As for Obama's comments to the pope, O'Reilly pointed out that the president said he wants every human being to be able to live in dignity because we are all made in the image of God.

"Mr. President, are aborted fetuses able to live in dignity?" O'Reilly asked. "They're not able to live at all, are they?

O'Reilly noted that 177 Democrats voted last Friday against a House bill that would require U.S. doctors to keep babies born alive during an abortion process from dying.

"That is barbaric. And President Obama said nothing about it. Nothing," O'Reilly said.

He added that Obama has also failed to take action to confront the problems in the Middle East and the subsequent migrant crisis, yet he mentioned both in his remarks today.

"Both Pope Francis and President Obama are not confrontational men. But there were many messages sent today in both speeches."

Watch the full Talking Points Memo above.

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