Rats are disgusting. But you can't help but root for "pizza rat," as he's been dubbed by the internet. 

This viral video - viewed millions of times in the past day - shows a determined little New York City critter as he carries a slice of pizza down the subway stairs.

The rat takes just a few seconds to make it down three or four stairs before he gets spooked and scurries away. 

The video ends before we see whether he went back up the stairs to try again. 

Fox 5 in New York tracked down the man behind the instant fame of #PizzaRat, comedian Matt Little, who shot the video with his phone early Monday.

"Pizza rat is the hero New York City deserves," he joked. "He is an inspiration to everyone. It reminds us to not only do our best but to do your best with what you have."

And Little told the New York Post that, yes, pizza rat did indeed go back for seconds, then disappeared forever.

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