Mark Steyn reacted on "Hannity" tonight to Scott Walker withdrawing from the 2016 presidential race and what that means for the Republican Party.

"Scott Walker was not a credible candidate on, for example, the issue of the migrants pouring out of the Middle East," Steyn stated. "He said that was a hypothetical question and he wasn’t ready to answer it. It wasn’t a hypothetical. It's going on our TV screens even as we speak."

"And so what that means is that he’s basically saying he’s a performing seal who hasn’t yet been given his poll-tested answer by his consultants yet," Steyn said, explaining that on issues like the refugee crisis and immigration, Walker turned himself into a joke.

Steyn added that Walker's call for other candidates to drop out of the race so a strong, anti-Donald Trump candidate can emerge is largely being ignored.

"Generally, in the last few weeks, there have been a handful of candidates near the top," Steyn said. "Unfortunately for Scott Walker, they're not the ones he would have preferred. They're Trump and they're Ben Carson and they're Carly Fiorina."

Watch the "Hannity" clip above.

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