Jenna Lee talked this afternoon to Don Pellmann, who just pulled off an incredible athletic feat at age 100. 

Pellmann set five age-group world records - in discus, high jump, shot-put, the 100-meter dash, and pole vaulting - at the San Diego Senior Olympics on Sunday. 

He is now the first centenarian to run a 100-meter dash in under 27 seconds.

Pellmann explained that he's never even had a trainer or a coach, and can only practice events like pole-vaulting and high-jumping at the actual meets.

He was asked how he explains his success and amazing longevity.

"Eat sensibly and exercise every time you get a chance," he advised, saying he takes a long walk every day and goes for a jog at least once a week. 

Pellmann said he started competing in Senior Olympics events in Arkansas in 1970, after he retired, and he immediately won all of his events. 

"I've now got 895 medals and they're all gold except five," he said.

Watch the awesome interview on "Happening Now" above, and check out some photos below of Pellmann in action.

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