Dr. Ben Carson took questions from reporters in Ohio following his remark Sunday that he would not support a Muslim candidate for president. 

Carson, in an interview with Sean Hannity last night, clarified the comment, saying he would support a Muslim as long as that person rejected the radical "tenets" of Islam, such as Sharia law. 

He said this morning that the criticism over his remarks stems from a "PC culture" in America that will attack candidates who don't give the answers they're expected to give. 

"The PC culture says whenever you're asked a question, it has to be answered in a certain way. And if you don't answer it that way, then let's attack. And let's not try to actually understand what a person is saying, let's just attack, attack, attack. And hopefully everybody else will look at that and they will realize they're never supposed to say something like that again. That's what the PC culture is," he said.

He declared that he wants to fix America by getting people to listen, understand the principles of our nation, and "stop trying to fit everything into a PC model."

Carson said he's heard from a lot of Muslim-Americans in the last day, "who say 'we know you, we understand exactly what you're talking about.'"

Carson said this whole issue is based on a "hypothetical" situation and is not important to the country right now. 

"I said I would support anyone, regardless of their background, if in fact they embrace American values and our Constitution and are willing to place that above their beliefs," he said, calling Sharia law "completely antithetical to Americanism."

Watch his comments above.

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