Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland, a Green Beret who was ordered discharged after he confronted an alleged child rapist, was informed Tuesday that the Army has denied his appeal.

Martland got in trouble for shoving an Afghan police commander accused of raping a young boy and beating up that child's mother when she reported the incident.

Martland was subsequently ordered discharged by Nov. 1. He has been fighting to continue serving his country, but the U.S. Army Human Resources Command told Martland that he "does not meet the criteria" for an appeal.

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA), who has been fighting for Martland, said on "The Kelly File" tonight that there is a shameful lack of leadership and morality in the Army.

"This has now been allowed by the U.S. government," Hunter said. "Do you want your son or daughter to serve in the Army? Do you want your son or daughter to serve an institution who says pedophilia and child rape are OK as long as it's the custom of the land?"

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