Fox News has confirmed that Republican presidential candidate and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is suspending his campaign.

Walker will speak at a news conference in Madison at 6p ET.

Walker's national poll numbers were as high as 25 percent in February. He was still polling as high as 17 percent in July before suffering a steady decline.

Walker didn't register a percentage point of support among self-described Republicans or Republican-leaning independents in a CNN/ORC poll released Sunday.

Former Reagan political director Ed Rollins told Neil Cavuto on "Your World" that this shows the power of the presidential primary debates. He said that Walker did not put on particularly strong performances, which hurt his ability to raise money.

Rollins said this also shows Republican voters' dissatisfaction with establishment candidates, as governors and senators are generally polling worse than non-establishment candidates.

As for which candidate might be next to bow out, Rollins said that Bobby Jindal, Chris Christie and John Kasich are all struggling in the polls.

Watch the "Your World" clip above and get more reaction from GOP fundraiser Anthony Scaramucci below.

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