A California man ordered food from Domino's and got much more than that - $1,300 more.

Mike Vegas ordered a pizza and some wings, but he was only able to eat one slice before he was called to work, so he put the food in the fridge, according to KGO.

Several hours later, he noticed he had received multiple calls and text messages. They were from the Domino’s delivery driver, who was supposed to go to the bank after dropping off Vegas’ food. It turns out, the driver had put the cash in the wings box for safekeeping, but mistakenly included it in Vegas' delivery.

Vegas returned the money and, because of his honesty, Domino’s General Manager Zia Mumtaz is giving him a year’s worth of free pizza.

Vegas said he plans to take the chain up on the offer.

Watch the "Happening Now" clip above.

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