Two California couples filed a lawsuit against the parents of a young autistic boy, claiming the child attacked their kids and is a public nuisance.

The suit claims that Vidyut Gopal and Parul Agrawal have refused to take action to prevent their son from harming other children in the Sunnyvale neighborhood. 

They claim that the boy, now 11 years old, has hit, kicked and bitten others over the years. The boy's parents deny the claims. 

The 2014 legal action has generated some outrage, but the plaintiffs argue it's not about autism, but about parents neglecting their responsibilities. 

The San Jose Mercury News reports:

"I find it offensive that people assume I have no compassion for an autistic family when I am simply trying to defend and protect my children from being assaulted," said Robert Flowers about the explosive public backlash that surfaced against him and his wife following this week's media accounts of their lawsuit against the boy's parents.

"This is not about autism. This is about public safety," said Flowers, who spoke publicly for the first time Friday about the case.

Gopal and Agrawal have since moved out of the neighborhood to a rental property, while arguments in the case are set to resume Tuesday.

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