An explosive new report found that the Department of Veterans Affairs health care system needs "system-wide reworking."

The report found that despite a $60 billion yearly budget, the Veterans Health Administration is still plagued with inconsistent treatment for veterans.

"This is the 'silver bullet,'" Pete Hegseth said on "Fox and Friends Weekend. "It is detailed, it is thorough, it looked at every potential option and it said the system needs fundamental overhaul. This should wake everybody up to the fact that what our vets have been getting so far isn’t good enough."

Hegseth said one problem is that the VA bureaucracy grows and grows, with middle management growing out of control, putting barriers between patients and doctors. He added that another problem is politicians in D.C. not holding anyone accountable or giving veterans any real choice.

"900,000 waiting, 300,000 dead waiting for care. This is government-run healthcare," Hegseth said. "This should be a top-tier presidential campaign issue. We’re working with top policymakers to make it so, because it’s time to fix this right now. The time to talk about it is done. It's time to fix it. And we're going to fight for it."

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