Seattle Seahawks star cornerback Richard Sherman is receiving some backlash for his criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

The reigning NFC Defensive Player of the Year said that black communities should focus on black-on-black crime, instead of focusing on the less common incidents involving law enforcement.

Some have called Sherman brave for for his comments, but not everyone agrees and many have lashed out at him.

Democratic strategist Brian Benjamin and former NFL player Randal Hill appeared on "Fox and Friends Weekend" to weigh in on the debate.

Benjamin said that black-on-black crime is an important issue, but the Black Lives Matter movement is focused on violence against black people committed by police officers.

"He can help on black-on-black crime, since he's so concerned about it," Benjamin said.

Hill said that Sherman was within his rights to speak out, but he added that the issue is even bigger than what Sherman said.

"Trayvon Martin's life matters, police lives matter, all lives matter," Hill said. "What we have to do is fix the problem and also break the cycle of hatred ... It's up to the communities and law enforcement to get together and work everything out."

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