A New York City day care center has been closed after staff members were accused of forgetting about a two-year-old boy and leaving him at a playground.

Ethan Huachi was apparently left alone at a playground in the Sunset Park section of Brooklyn for more than an hour on Thursday, according to reports.

A bystander found Ethan sleeping on a park bench and called police. The boy was reunited with his mother, Diana Huachi, Thursday afternoon.

She says workers at the Quality of Life Academy day care miscounted the children and never noticed Ethan was missing.

"Anybody - a psycho - could have taken him somewhere, and that would have been the last day for me to see him this morning, dropping him off," Diana said.

Quality of Life Academy's permit has been suspended, and the health department will be working with families to find other day care options.

"After an investigation into the circumstances of a missing child at the Quality of Life Academy day care, the Health Department has suspended the day care's permit. We will work with the clients of the center to identify nearby day care options," the Health Department said in a statement.

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