For most students, forgotten homework or lunch is just a call to mom or dad away.

But not for those attending Lake Mary High School in Lake Mary, Florida, which has banned all drop-off items.

"Attention students and parents," reads the sign in the front office of the school, which is just north of Orlando. "We do not accept items for drop-off such as lunches, backpacks, homework, sports equipment. Please plan accordingly."

Is this a good way to hold kids accountable or does it go too far?

Parenting expert Melissa Gerstein and child psychologist Darby Fox joined Clayton Morris on "Fox and Friends Weekend" to debate.

Gerstein pointed out that adults often forget things, so there should be some leeway for kids.

"I think that we're creating robots," Gerstein said. "I think that we have to be a little flexible."

Fox disagreed and said that high school students shouldn't be taught to rely on somebody else.

"By the time you're in high school, you should be able to remember what you have to do for the day," Fox said.

Watch more above.

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