Donald Trump said Friday that he believes Carly Fiorina got "softball" questions at Wednesday night's GOP debate. 

On Fox News Radio this morning, Trump was asked by Brian Kilmeade about a comment from Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who argued that "no matter what," the national media was going to declare Fiorina the winner.

Many analysts, including Charles Krauthammer, felt that Fiorina was the strongest candidate on the stage.

Trump said Walker is "correct, to some extent" about the coverage of Fiorina. 

"I think on some level they wanted to have some kind of narrative. They fed her softballs. I don’t get that whole situation. They fed her softballs. Some of the things they asked were ridiculous, ‘Donald Trump said this,’ she practically didn’t even have to answer. So I could see something happening with respect to that perhaps, I don’t know," said Trump. 

He went on to call Fiorina "very robotic," once again slamming her for "destroying" Hewlett-Packard as CEO of the company. 

Listen to the full "Kilmeade & Friends" interview, here.

You can hear from Carly Fiorina on Sunday at 2/6p ET on "Fox News Sunday."