Stuart Varney asked Ron Paul this morning what he thought about the feud between his son, Sen. Rand Paul, and Donald Trump. 

Sen. Paul has been going after Trump in recent weeks, declaring the billionaire frontrunner to be a "fake conservative" and calling his insults "sophomoric"

Trump targeted Paul right off the bat at Wednesday's debate, saying that Paul didn't even deserve to be there because of his low poll numbers and making a remark about his looks. 

The former Texas congressman and presidential candidate said on Fox Business Network that Rand was confronting Trump on serious issues, and that Trump refuses to answer those types of questions. 

Paul said that Trump uses "ridicule" in those situations, prompting the media to focus on those comments instead of the serious policy questions. 

"This is a technique that has been used: dismiss the individual who is saying something in order to divert from discussing the issue. So if you present an issue, then he becomes very, very personal. He's not getting away with it quite as much as he had been. You've got to deal with the issues eventually," said Paul. 

Prior to that, Paul and Varney debated the root causes of the Syrian refugee crisis, with Paul arguing that U.S. intervention in the Middle East is to blame. 

Watch the segment above. 

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