Don Francisco will take his final bow this weekend after 53 years as host of “Sabado Gigante.”

Francisco, born Mario Kreutzberger, says his parents were Holocaust survivors who emigrated from Germany to Chile during World War II. His opera singer mother pushed him to work in music, while his father wanted Francisco to become a fashion designer.

Francisco moved to New York City at 19 years old, only knowing about 25 words in English. It was there, in New York City, that he encountered his first television.

Soon, working in TV became Francisco’s dream. He returned to Chile, where he started to host a variety show that would later become “Sabado Gigante.” In 1986, the show started broadcasting from Univision Studios in Miami.

Francisco said that “Sabado Gigante” is much more than a variety show, calling it a “smorgasbord, if you will, a buffet of all kinds of elements.”

Despite more than 50 years of TV success, Francisco told Fox News that he would just like to be remembered as a good person who did everything with the best intentions.