A Daily Mail reporter says it only took him four days to buy a Syrian passport, ID and driver’s license from a forger.

Reporter Nick Fagge traveled to Turkey to meet with the forger, and he paid him $2,000 for the documents. Fagge said on “Fox and Friends” that the forger told him that members of ISIS are buying these documents so that they can travel into Europe and hide among refugees.

Fagge reported:

The genuine documents were stolen from Syria when they were blank. The forger added our reporter's picture and gave him the identity of a Syrian man from Aleppo killed last year.


The passport book MailOnline acquired is genuine, made from a batch seized from one of the many Syrian government offices captured by advancing opposition forces.

The forger explained that the militias fighting the forces of Assad make a beeline for government offices when they over-run a town. They know the value of the documents there and steal the passports, papers and even the printers that are used to create identity cards and driving licenses.

Watch the interview above.

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