Hillary Clinton went on "The Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon, joking about the scandal over her use of a private email server.

Clinton said most people would be bored after reading 10-12 of her emails "because they're boring." 

"The most significant one that has come to light - because this was a really important issue and I had to talk about it on the email - and that is I was asked if I could get gefilte fish into Israel in order for it to be used in time for Passover," said Clinton, adding that it "hurts her feelings" that people think her emails are so boring. 

Reacting on "Outnumbered," Jonah Goldberg said the claim about the information being "boring" is in line with what the Clintons do when they're faced with controversy. 

"[They say] 'nothing to see here.' That's what Clintons do when they don't have a good explanation," said Goldberg.  

Andrea Tantaros said if the emails were just silly and boring, then "why were 30,000 deleted?"

She said there are real questions about the messages following the Benghazi attack and possible quid pro quos between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation. 

Tantaros said Clinton looks "inauthentic" when she goes for these lighthearted moments, arguing that Clinton needs to have more moments like her foreceful Iran speech last week. 

Also on the show, Clinton took a phone call from "Donald Trump." Watch that funny moment below: