Outspoken Seattle Seahawks star Richard Sherman took to the podium today to address the media about the Black Lives Matter movement. 

The NFC Defensive Player of the Year's comments came in response to an article that falsely suggested he supported violence against police officers.

"I did not write that article. A lot of people had sent it to me over the weekend, but I thought this would be the best place to address it," said Sherman. 

"I don't think any time's a time to call out for an all-out war against police or any race of people. I thought that was an ignorant statement."

He went on to say he supports some arguments brought up by Black Lives Matter, but believes the issue of black-on-black crime must be addressed first by the group.

"I think that's the point we need to get to is that we need to deal with our own internal issues before we move forward and start pointing fingers and start attacking other people. We need to solidify ourselves as people and deal with our issues, because I think as long as we have black-on-black crime and, you know, one black man killing another. If black lives matter, then it should matter all the time," he said. 

Sherman added that there are "great cops out there who do everything in their power to uphold the badge," but also issues that must be addressed with "bad cops."

He concluded that everyone needs to realize that "we're all human beings."

Watch his remarks above. 

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