Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker only spoke for eight-plus minutes at last night's second GOP debate. 

According to the Washington Post tally, Walker clocked in at 8:24, the least of the 11 on the stage. Donald Trump spoke for the most time, 18 minutes and 43 seconds, followed by Jeb Bush at 17 minutes. 

Here's the full breakdown:

Martha MacCallum asked on "America's Newsroom" why Walker finished last in the battle for air time and whether that was his fault or CNN's fault. 

Walker said he had to interrupt to make his voice heard, noting that he was only asked three questions during the three-hour event.

"We tried to use quality over quantity and to make the best of that time," said Walker, adding that he believes he made the case that he's the candidate who has been tested and has stood up to union bosses and Democrats. 

Walker said he's still confident in his Iowa ground game and still feels he can win the caucuses, despite his poll numbers dropping to 4% in the state.