Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said on "America's Newsroom" this morning that he believes last night's second GOP debate will "reshuffle" the field. 

Paul, who got into it with Donald Trump at the start of the debate, said he believes voters are starting to realize that Trump is not a serious candidate. 

"Nobody in America wants some sort of buffoon who insults women, and calls them ugly. Nobody wants that. The first time people hear that, some people will laugh at sophomoric jokes and they have for a few months now. But I think the laughing is over and now it's almost become pitiful. I think it's at the point where people are ready to move on," said Paul. 

He said, for instance, that he has a plan to eliminate the tax code and create jobs and he believes Americans are ready to start hearing more about these things.

Trump said this morning that he heard Paul was going to go after him, so he decided to target Paul right off the bat. 

Paul said he believes he has "rankled" Trump in recent weeks by pointing out that he is a "fake conservative."