Carly Fiorina was declared by many, including Charles Krauthammer, to be the winner of last night's GOP debate at the Reagan Library. 

But Krauthammer and other analysts have noted that her delivery was a bit harsh at times, saying she could have smiled a bit more. 

She was asked on "Fox and Friends" about that small bit of criticism.

"What the American people want to see is who you really are. And not every occasion calls for a smile, honestly. It doesn't call for a smile when you're talking about the dangers that we face in the world. Whether it's the Middle East, or from Vladimir Putin. It doesn't call for a smile when we're talking about very serious issues that impact people's lives," said Fiorina.

The former Hewlett-Packard CEO said she hopes voters learned more about her last night about what she would do as president. 

She added that there are so many opportunities to cut spending in Washington, yet it never gets done.

“This is why people are tired of politicians and tired of politics,” she said. “They know the system is broken. We talk about tax reform… every election cycle, and yet it never happens.”

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Fiorina said that a 73,000-page tax code is “crushing” small businesses. If elected president, she said she would simplify the tax code to lift “the weight of government off small businesses’ backs.”

Fiorina, who didn’t make it into the Fox News debate’s primetime lineup last month, said that she hopes the American people learned a bit more from her last night when she made her primetime debate debut on CNN.

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