Body language expert Tonya Reiman joined Gretchen Carlson on “The Real Story” to react to last night’s GOP debate.

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Reiman said that Donald Trump’s hand motions increased as he grew more frustrated at certain points during the debate, particularly during his back-and-forth with Jeb Bush.

She said that Bush also appeared frustrated or angry at times, and he used laughter to attempt to cover up that emotion.

Reiman added that Carly Fiorina was unable to hide her disgust, contempt and anger when Trump’s “Look at that face!” insult was mentioned, as her jaw clearly clenched up.

She said that Fiorina, however, had a very strong non-verbal performance.

As for Ben Carson's habit of closing his eyes while speaking, Reiman explained much of our sensory input is visual, so sometimes people close their eyes to limit distractions and better formulate their thoughts.

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