Rand Paul is making it known that he'll be unloading on Donald Trump in Wednesday's second GOP debate, saying Trump is a "fake conservative" that needs to be exposed.

"I think he deserves both barrels," Paul told The Daily Caller. "I want to make sure everyone in the whole country knows he’s a fake conservative."

He called Trump the "consummate insider," criticizing him for bragging about using his wealth to buy favors from politicians. 

Paul went after Trump with this line of attack in the Fox News debate last month, but the poll numbers for each candidate have since been going in opposite directions. 

Paul argued on "The Kelly File" that the Tea Party movement has always been wary of "fake conservatives," saying that no conservative would be on board with Trump's support of ObamaCare, the federal stimulus and for seizing property. 

Megyn Kelly asked why these things have not hurt Trump in the polls so far. Paul said he believes that will change and that Trump has reached his "crest" in the polls.

"Someone who's calling another candidate ugly, stupid, fat. All of the things he's been saying about other people. ... Is that really the kind of person you want to have in charge of your nuclear arsenal?" he asked. 

Asked about his sinking poll numbers, Paul said he's confident in his campaign's ground game in Iowa, especially the level of support from college students. 

"Right now the race is being influenced by celebrity," said Paul, claiming that many polls are "leaner" polls in which voters really have not decided who they'll support.

He said that Rick Perry's exit from the race could be a "wake-up call" to voters that real conservatives are being ignored in favor of a "reality TV star."

Watch the interview above, and hear from Ben Carson after the debate, tonight on "The Kelly File" at 12a ET.

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