Dr. Ben Carson has risen to within just a few points of Donald Trump in some of the most recent polls. 

Megyn Kelly asked him whether he'll change his strategy at Wednesday night's CNN debate in California. 

Carson said his strategy will stay the same, adding that he will "tell the truth and talk about my vision for America."

Carson said his rise in the polls does not surprise him due to the reaction he's received from voters around the country. 

"I'm out there out there amongst the people a lot. I've been seeing the level of enthusiasm and the size of the crowds for quite some time. It hasn't really been reported on, but we've seen it," he said. 

Carson laid out his vision for America in a new IJ Review op-ed, called "The Hope and Change America Needs."

He emphasized in the piece and to Kelly that America must start strengthening the "family unit." 

"I will be talking about very substantially the things that impact the family structure in a negative way. Many of those things are considered politically incorrect because every family structure is supposed to be of equal value in the PC world. But evidence demonstrates that it is not the case," said Carson, adding that government regulation is "disproportionately" impacting the poor and middle class, further widening the income gap.

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