UPDATE: Police announced late Wednesday that they arrested a suspect and detained two others.

Trace Gallagher brought us the latest on "The Real Story" following the shooting of a Phoenix police officer during a routine traffic stop overnight. 

Police say the officer pulled the vehicle over for a routine violation at around 2:45am local time and the driver opened fire on him within a minute. 

The officer, who was shot multiple times, was wearing a bulletproof vest that likely saved his life. The officer is now in serious condition, but is expected to survive.

The suspect's 1997 gold Ford Thunderbird was found abandoned after the shooting. The suspect is described as a heavyset white man who was wearing a blue shirt. 

A passenger in the vehicle also fled and officers are conducting door-to-door searches in central Phoenix. 

Gallagher said police are not linking the attack to the recent string of vehicle shootings along I-10 near the city.