Accused killer Shannon Lamb called 911 and confessed that he shot his live-in girlfriend, police say.

In a newly released 911 call, Lamb told a dispatcher, “I shot my wife last night.”

When the dispatcher asked for his name, he said, “That’s all I feel like saying right now. Just go and take care of her.”

Authorities say that Lamb, 45, shot and killed his 41-year-old girlfriend Amy Prentiss, wrote an apology note, then drove 300 miles to kill Ethan Schmidt, Lamb’s colleague at Delta State University. He later committed suicide. 

"I am so sorry I wish I could take it back,” the note said. “I loved Amy and she is the only person who ever loved me." reported:

University President William LaForge said he didn’t know of any conflict between Lamb and Schmidt but “obviously there was something in Mr. Lamb’s mind.”

Despite reports Monday that Lamb allegedly believed Prentiss was also romantically involved with Schmidt, authorities said Tuesday that there was “no information, no evidence” of a “love triangle.”

Prentiss was described as a "good person" by Shawn O'Steen, who said he had been married to her for about seven years. The two divorced 15 years ago, but remained friends. O'Steen said he and Prentiss had a daughter, who is 19, and she was "devastated." He said Prentiss and her daughter were "absolutely best friends."

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