Brian Kilmeade sat down with journalist David Gregory, former host of NBC's "Meet the Press," and the two remembered late White House Press Secretary and former Fox News host Tony Snow. 

Gregory said on "Kilmeade & Friends" that the two had a mutual respect and a "human connection" that went far beyond politics. 

When Snow started as press secretary, Gregory recalled that they had a "pretty aggressive exchange" but Snow later apologized.

"I thought he was trying to suggest that I had a point of view with the question and I thought that was unfair. I wasn’t necessarily expecting [the apology] or thinking it was deserved, I was just surprised and I thought it was very gracious on his part to say ‘hey I thought about that and thought that it wasn’t right.' I think that just began a kind of respect between us.”

The two then listened to part of an interview from years ago in which Snow, who died of cancer in July 2008 at age 53, discussed his diagnosis with Gregory.

"When he left the White House because he was not well, I corresponded with him and, you know, I think for me this was a time when my own faith journey, about 2007 or so, was deepening. I was doing Bible study more regularly, so I think on a more spiritual level I was connecting to him and developing a relationship with him and just letting him know that I cared about him and was thinking about him. I was so saddened, like many others when I heard he had passed," said Gregory. 

Gregory, who was replaced by Chuck Todd as "Meet the Press" host last year, has released a new book on his faith, called How’s Your Faith?: An Unlikely Spiritual Journey.

Gregory said he hasn't heard from Todd since leaving the show, but that he doesn't make a "judgment" about it. 

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