On the latest Watters' World, Jesse tracked down two people who have been dodging "The Factor": Sen. Bernie Sanders and Eugene Fidell, the lawyer representing Bowe Bergdahl. 

Bill O'Reilly said he tried to get in touch with Fidell at Yale Law School, but he would not speak to him. After a few funny exchanges with students - some of whom had little idea about the Bergdahl trade - Watters found Fidell.

Fidell, a visiting lecturer at the school, walked as fast as he could away from Watters, who asked him why he thought the Factor's coverage of the case has been unfair. 

Fidell wasn't answering. 

"Ya know, you're pretty verbose on the phone with our producers. Now all of a sudden you're clamming up..." said Watters, shortly before a woman slammed the door in his face and made an obscene gesture.

Then it was onto D.C. to see why Sanders - a frequent guest in the past and now a leading contender for the Democratic presidential nomination - keeps refusing O'Reilly's interview requests. 

"I don't do ambush interviews," said Sanders, directing Watters to his press secretary.

"I do do ambush interviews," Watters responded, asking Sanders if he's too "big-time" for the show.

Jesse got a lot of questions in on the long walk that followed, including on whether Bill should be worried that Sanders would "seize his house" if elected president. 

Watters said Sanders seemed to "crack a smile" at that one, but refused to actually answer anything.