Devo singer Jerry Casale is making headlines for his shocking 9/11-themed wedding to bride Krista Napp.

TMZ reported that the couple married at Michael’s Restaurant in Santa Monica last week on Sept. 11. Their cake was shaped like the Twin Towers and featured the couple's faces on top.

Casale and Napp also reportedly gave guests real box cutters as party favors.

Casale has since apologized for the cake, writing on Twitter that it was a surprise cake and that they were "set up."

He told the New York Daily News that his friend contributed the cake and that it was a total surprise.

The Daily News reported:

The tone-deaf rocker, 67, said the cake was a joke that fell flat.

“I joked and said Krista and I are like the twin towers of love and love conquers all and we’re going to resurrect those towers.”

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