Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker told Sean Hannity that if he's elected, he will eliminate federal government unions and the agency that investigates labor disputes.

Walker explained that he believes the federal government should be run by the people, not by the unions.

"Our plan on labor is really about jobs," Walker explained. "I don't think any economic plan is complete unless you talk about moving the federal labor laws into the 21st century."

Walker also weighed in on his recent back-and-forth with Hillary Clinton, during which he said she is qualified to be "deceiver-in-chief."

Walker said that Clinton would be even worse for the country than President Obama, so he's going to focus on how he contrasts with her.

"Everywhere in the world that Hillary Clinton has touched is worse off today than before she and the president took office," Walker said. "That's where the real debate is at."

Watch more from "Hannity" above.

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