On "The Five" today, Greg Gutfeld said that Donald Trump has a "bubble of immunity" because he identifies as an entertainer, not a politician.

"He says 'I'm an entertainer,' declaring himself a member of a new identity group that affords protection," Gutfeld explained. "Maybe Trump is the right-wing Obama, attracting fanboys, impervious to gaffes."

"How did this happen? Why?" Gutfeld wondered. "To quote the late Andrew Breitbart, 'Politics is downstream from culture.' Meaning, culture influences politics, not the reverse."

Gutfeld said that Trump is the "culture candidate," the guy from TV, not D.C., adding that his campaign is more of a comedic crusade that appeals to the bored and fed-up.

"Fact is, the right's been apart from culture for so long, that maybe it takes a TV star to build that bridge and speak to the America currently held captive by liberal media and entertainment," Gutfeld said. "He's a gamble, one that must convince us that he's actually more than just a pretty, red persona. Or not. He could win as is. Well, unless the Dems wise up and run Clooney."

Watch the "Five" co-hosts discuss above.

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