Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina told Megyn Kelly tonight she doesn't worry about what Donald Trump has to say about her.

"Voters don't ask me about Donald Trump or his comments. They ask me about their health care or their kid's education or how we're going to defeat ISIS or how we're going to get debt under control," Fiorina said. "They thank me for answering their questions in terms they can understand."

She said that Trump might receive attention from pollsters and the media, but it's voters who decide elections.

Fiorinia added that tomorrow's CNN GOP debate is a great opportunity for her to further introduce herself to the American people.

"One of the things that voters say to me all the time is, 'Thank you for answering my question. Thank you for talking in common sense terms that I can understand.' And I want to continue to answer people's questions and speak in common sense terms, and I need to do it in 30 seconds or a minute chunks."

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