Fox News religion contributor Father Jonathan Morris described the brutal attack by pitbulls on a man right outside his New York City church. 

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According to reports, a woman - who was arrested - unleashed the two dogs on 62-year-old Francesco Bove during an argument Friday in the Bronx.

Bove was walking to the church, where he was supposed to meet with Morris about a restoration project. 

Morris said he was in his office when he heard people screaming for help. When he got outside, the dogs had just released Bove and ran off.

He said the injuries were so severe, that he took his shirt off and used it as a tourniquet on Bove. 

Bove was bleeding so badly that Morris said he administered last rites and prayed for him right there in the street.

"He was bleeding to death. ... He said, 'Father Jonathan, I'm dying.' I said, 'Well I'm going to pray for you and give you last rites, but only if you promise you won't stop fighting,'" Morris recalled.

Morris credited bystanders with risking their own lives to get the dogs away from Bove.

"I had the easy part of it. The tough part was those who actually got the dogs off of him," said Morris.

Bove narrowly survived, though his right ear was severed and he suffered lacerations on his chest and arms.

He underwent five hours of surgery and is scheduled for more procedures, but Morris said he's "doing well."

"He's got a great sense of humor. He said, 'When you gave me last rites, you scared the hell out of me.'"

Morris said a group of children had just walked out of the church only a few minutes before the attack. 

Cynthia Oliver, 55, was arrested and charged with assault and reckless endangerment. The dogs are now in quarantine.

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